'Jonas LA' Facing Cancellation? (UPDATE)

'Jonas LA' Facing Cancellation? (UPDATE)-photo

UPDATE: A rep for Disney tells Celebuzz that Jonas LA is not canceled:

JONAS L.A. is not canceled; it wrapped production as scheduled, we're thrilled that it's a Top 5 series among kids age 6-14 and it will continue to air on Disney Channel for a long time.

No word on why Lester thinks that Jonas LA is facing cancellation.

Bad news for Jonas Brothers fans: The adorable trio's Disney Channel show, Jonas LA is reportedly on the chopping block.

Lester Lewis, the executive producer of Jonas LA, has been tweeting up a storm about the cancellation of the JoBros' show. On Thursday, Lester asked JoBro fans to join together a campaign effort to save the troubled TV show:

Okay guys, if you want to start a campaign for a third season of Jonas LA, here's where you should send letters. Yes letters. They're like emails but on paper. Here is the address: Bring Back Jonas, The Disney Channel, 3800 Alameda Ave, Burbank, Ca 91505. But it is going to take A LOT of letters to make a difference, so I'm counting on you!

While the JoBros are big established stars, their TV show is relatively new. Jonas LA (at first titled Jonas) premiered on the Disney Channel in 2009. It was nominated for an Emmy for Outstanding Children's Program this year.

Watch a music video from Jonas LA below.

Later, Lester asked fans if they thought that the brothers were "too old" for a third season on the Disney Channel. The youngest brother, Nick Jonas, just turned 18 this year.

Lester attempted to use social networking site to start a grassroots campaign to save the show. The executive producer started #BringBackJonasLA and hoped to make it a trending topic before the end of the day.

"Hey, how do we get #BringBackJonasLA trending," Lester asked, "I've got 2477 followers, maybe if everyone gets on board?"

Meanwhile, the JoBros have been surprisingly quiet about the impending cancellation. While Jonas LA may be doing poorly, the brothers have had lots of success with their Disney Channel movies like Camp Rock and Camp Rock 2.

What do you think of Jonas LA's possible cancellation? Share your thoughts in the comments.



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  • ultimatejobrosfan

    I'm SO writing a letter to "Bring Back Jonas"

  • Aimiliana Jb
    Aimiliana Jb

    I don't think 'JONAS LA' should be cancelled..I love their TV show!!

  • lesterlewis

    Dudes, this is Lester Lewis. I didn't bother with a fake handle so people know it's me. I just want to post my most recent tweet on this matter... Guys, my recent tweets have created a bit of an uproar online, so I need to state the facts. 1) "Jonas LA" just ended a couple of weeks ago. 2) It did great in the ratings. 3) Everyone is happy with it creatively. 4) It is entering reruns. 5) It is not anywhere near time for Disney to have to decide about a next step. 6) I'm a Twitter bozo who didn't think before he posted. Those are THE ONLY realities about "Jonas LA." I'm not going to post anything else about future plans because there is absolutely nothing to report. Sorry to Disney, the Jonas Group, and the fans for giving the impression that "Jonas LA" was in some kind of danger of being cancelled.

  • Superjonasfan4lyfe

    they should NOT cancel Jonas LA.... i'm 17 and i love the show!!!!!!!! they should not get rid of it. I wanna know more about joe and stella's relationship cause they are adorable together!!!

  • Big_Time_Rushfangirl

    I actually hated JONAS L.A. All every episode was ever about was Joe and Stella. Not exagerating. I counted, and all i got was ONE episode that didnt know them once. JUST one episode. *sighs* If there's another season JONAS, it better not be about Joe/Stella crap.

  • Matt Attack
    Matt Attack

    Jonas LA is superb!! I'm 20 and love the show, these guys are like brothers to me. And to be honest the best part is the music produced through it. I must say I was pleasantly surprised by the high quality of the Jonas LA soundtrack album. Top class :) Matt - Jersey C.I. (UK)