Kim Kardashian is ‘Moving On’ After Bar Fight Last Night

Kim Kardashian has addressed the bar fight that involved her, her sisters and Kourtney’s baby daddy Scott Disick at hotspot Juliet last night in New York City.

In photos shown on TMZ, Kim can be seen dripping wet after it appears a woman threw a drink on the starlet after she says the girl’s boyfriend approached Kim for a picture. Kim says on her blog that she was lucky to have Scott there to protect her.

Luckily I had Scott and Khloe there to protect me. None of us were drinking… we just wanted a fun family night out, but when people see the cameras rolling, they try to get attention…

The reality star said she normally tries to “take the high road,” but this is something she needed to address for her family’s sake.

Though she left with a wet dress, Kim makes it clear that it wasn’t that big of a deal and that she’s “moving on!”