Rehab Restricts Lindsay Lohan’s Cell, Twitter Use

Lindsay Lohan isn’t just battling addiction to substance abuse during her fifth rehab stint, she’s also coping with her dependency on modern technologies while seeking treatment at the Betty Ford Center.

The New York Post reports that LiLo is “only allowed to use her phone for two hours a day, and only to keep in touch with family and close friends.” During previous stints, the paper says, “she would repeatedly and compulsively e-mail her friends if she was ever in a situation where she felt lonely, and she would vent on Twitter.”

Lohan, 24, last tweeted (a lament about the paparazzi) on September 26th, two days before she re-entered rehab.

Lindsay’s cell phone and social media cleansing will likely continue until October 22, when she will face Judge Elden Fox in a court date to decide whether she will benefit from jail or more rehab.

Should Lindsay be able to use her cell and Twitter while in rehab? Give us your opinion in the comments.