Rooney Mara's 'Dragon Tattoo' Transformation Has Begun

Rooney Mara's 'Dragon Tattoo' Transformation Has Begun-photo

How does a gal go about turning herself into brooding-but-brilliant hacker Lisbeth Salander? Apparently, with no small amount of effort.

E! Online reports that Rooney Mara—currently seen on screens across the nation in the hit Internet drama The Social Network—is undergoing a radical transformation to prepare for playing Salander in the highly anticipated remake of the Swedish thriller The Girl With the Dragon Tattoo.

As might be expected, Mara has chopped and dyed her hair for the role, but the alterations go beyond skin-deep: The 25-year-old actress has gotten several piercings for the role, and is engaging in "hours and hours of Pilates and Bar Method" workouts to winnow herself down to Salander's slight figure, a source close to the production reports.

She's also learning to ride a motorcycle for the part—a "custom bike built just for the film," the source notes. No word on whether Mara will subject herself to the tattoo needle in an effort to fully embrace the part.

Sounds like she's dedicated to the role—but will she be able to pull it off? Have your say in the comments section: Will Mara be able to match original Tattoo actress Noomi Rapace? Check out the Rapace in action in the trailer below if you need some help forming your opinion:



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  • Mags

    I think Noomi Rapace did a fantastic job in the original films and I doubt anyone could do any better. That said, Rooney Mara is very promising and she's already proven she can act in "The Social Network". David Fincher must have a soft spot for her. I'll go and see the film when it comes out, just to compare it to the utterly brilliant Swedish version. Could it be any better? I don't think so. But hopefully it won't be completely rubbish. And what's with the American remakes anyway? First all those Japanese horrors, then "Let the right one in", and now "Millenium". What's the point?

  • so

    She did wrong option by choosing this role,I highly doubt she can do better than Noomi,nobody than Noomi can be better Lisbeth. It is not all about the looks,it is about acting and Swedish version about Swedish book and Swedish character will be better than any re-make...

  • A-K87

    I've got the Blu-ray of Swedish fiilm (which is EPIC) and for the losers who can't read subtitles they have put on an English dubbed soundtrack (which is better than most) There's no excuse.

  • M

    Sorry but the original Swede actress already owns this role. This little girlie has massive shoes to fill and frankly, I don't think she'll be able to do it. Why do we need an American version anyways? Can't people suck it up and read the damn Swedish captions? Of course not, we're too illiterate for all that trouble.

  • bridge

    but shes already hellla skinny, i hope she doesnt get too muscular like the original girl