Logan Miller Talks Sprouse Twins on ‘I’m in the Band’

The hit Disney XD show I’m in the Band will be welcoming some very suite guest stars on this Monday’s episode. That’s right, fellow Disney stars Dylan and Cole Sprouse will be making a special guest appearance as their much-loved twin characters Zack and Cody.

Celebuzz spoke with I’m in the Band star Logan Miller, who plays Tripp Campbell, the budding rock star and frontman of the show’s band Iron Weasel, about how the Suite Lifers fit into this week’s episode. Turns out Zack and Cody are Iron Weasel fans who help the band score a major gig.

“We find out that Mr. Tipton, the guy who owns every big Tipton thing in the world, has got some Tipton stadiums very much like the Staples Center,” Logan told us. “We want to book a show at one of them and we find out he’s going to be on his ship the SS Tipton in LA that week and so [The Sprouse Twins] find a way to get on the ship and help us play for him.”

Naturally, hijinks ensue.

“We meet up with the guys on the ship and all this crazy insanity goes awry,” Logan said.

Logan, who was already a fan of Dylan and Cole from the Suite Life, said he was pretty excited to work with his fellow Disney stars, adding: ““It’s fun to go do another show and see how everybody else works.”

With all the superstars that come from the Disney franchise, Logan said he would most love to follow the career path of Disney channel alum Shia LaBeouf.  After rocking on I’m in the Band and playing the guitar for eight years, Logan also hinted he might pursue  real-life rock stardom some day.

“I’d like to do something very garage rock like the White Stripes,” Logan told Celebuzz. 

While Logan has a bright future ahead of him, for now he’s enjoying starring in what he describes as a “live action cartoon,” going to concerts with his friends and crushing on celebs like Mila Kunis.

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