Banksy Tags Up the ‘Simpsons’ Intro (VIDEO)

The Simpsons may be one of the longest-running comedies on television, but guerilla artist Banksy made sure last night’s opening sequence was no laughing matter.

The couch sequence took on the subject of sweatshops in a none-too-subtle manner, offering an exceedingly bleak take on the practice of having animation work done overseas. (For the record, The Simpsons has been animated by computer since 2002—so no actual unicorns were harmed in the video below.)

Now let’s see if Seth MacFarlane tries to top it on next week’s Family Guy.

In case you missed it, check out Sunday’s Simpsons intro below. Did it go too far, or was it all in good, clean—albeit dark—fun? Share your thoughts in the comments section.