How to Dress Like Your Fave Celeb for Halloween

Want to dress up like one of the year's most notable celebrities for Halloween? Forget those cheap pre-packaged costumes ... Celebuzz has got you covered when it comes to creating that perfect A-list (or even D-list) costume.

From Snooki to Justin Bieber, we have all the ingredients you need to make the most sensational DIY celebrity costume for this year's festivities.

Check out our Celeb Halloween Department gallery for the best tips and tricks to mastering Snooks' poof and getting a bum like Kim Kardashian. What are you going to be for Halloween? Share your ideas in the comments.



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  • Ahmed Rase Hell
    Ahmed Rase Hell

    i didn't like it because she looks a little ugly in this pictures no its only how sweet she looks looks still

  • mrs.Bieber4evr

    That is so Cute!!!!!!!! I saw in Concert!!! I LOVE YOU JUSTIN!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Lillia

    I would dress up like that but it goes against my personal habit of having class.

  • thisismyrealname

    i hate her so much she just a real big wanna-be

  • Anays

    Here in spain, they say that in a concert her boob fell out.. does anybody know if that's true??!!!

  • Anays

    I'd rather be a gigantic piece of poo. that's not nice

  • Anays

    EERM.. not gonna make a fus.. but SHE IS NOT K- STEW

  • Eww

    I'd rather be a gigantic piece of poo.

  • haha

    that us the biggest but i have ever seen i could proberly balance a plate in that lol :L

  • Mares

    Louboutin's always have a red sole..

  • KirstenMonsterr

    OmGaga! I love you mother monster! You look beautiful!

  • prie

    i love her louboutons...(heels) i think thats how you spell that...anyway, shes always georgeous, and I wish her the best luck out of life.

  • ruchi


  • livilu1

    i love you justin , i have lots of posters of you in my bedroom wall , ILY

  • findacure

    This is the weirdest picture of her backside I have ever seen! She looks like she has a tail! Very strange!

  • joker

    Best halloween costume. The little kids will be so scared.