Justin Bieber Debuts Nail Polish Line

Justin Bieber Debuts Nail Polish Line-photo

Dying for a piece of Justin Bieber? Well, this winter you will be able to wear a piece of the teen pop sensation on your fingernails.

The "Baby" singer is partnering with Nicole by OPI to design a line of nail polishes inspired by his hit songs. Judging by the polishes on StyleList, Justin's songs manifest themselves into purple, glittery polishes.

The nail polish range, called One Less Lonely Girl, will include six polishes designed by the 16-year-old hitmaker. They include One Less Lonely Glitter, a glittery purple polish; Prized Posession Purple, a grape-colored polish; Give Me The First Dance, a silver polish; Me +Blue, a dark blue; OMB!, a bright red polish and Step 2 the Beat of My Heart, a polish of purple heart-shaped glitter.

Watch out for the polishes when they debut exclusively at Walmart this December. They'll spread out to other retailers by February.

Would you wear Justin Bieber nail polish? Share your thoughts in the comments.



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  • Jade

    Ok i think the nail polish is a little much. But once again ....smh really you people need to learn from my comments . We dont care about your jealous comments. You know what Justin needs to start saying I love all my haters because without them he wouldnt know how hot he is right now. Because if you werent hating why woud you waste your time talking about him. Obviously you care which is so sweet , but you just dont want to admit it , but its ok we all know you love JB. And until you can admit it SDFU .

  • poopy

    Nailpolish? Now that is f*cking street man...

  • Celina Harris
    Celina Harris

    LOL i agree with tess :D though i am a full fledged belieber, I'd like to see Justin wear the nail polish himself before i wear it. it looks cute tho :) wanna see what the "OMB!" color looks like haha :)

  • Samantha

    he is seriously that gay.....

  • thea

    Ging ti buy that

  • joker


  • Tess, Toronto
    Tess, Toronto

    Well, would HE wear HIS nailpolish?! I'd like to see him wear them first. LOL

  • Bob

    New York Republican gubernatorial candidate Carl Paladino says its okay to be gay...