Justin Bieber Misses ‘Normal’ Life

Justin Bieber has fame and fortune, but the tween sensation now says what he really wanted was to have a “normal” family life.

In his first book, First Step 2 Forever (out Thursday), the teen star writes about how his then-teen parents Patty and Jeremy split before his first birthday. Bieber says in the book:

“When I was little I longed for a ‘normal’ life with a ‘normal’ family. Mom worked her butt off at whatever job she could get to keep a roof over our heads. There were no luxuries, but it never occurred to me that we were poor. We had each other, which was everything.”

Bieber continues, discussing his current success, and how he deals with being famous worldwide and how it affects his life.

“Now that I’m here, I sometimes wish I could just go back home and chill. But if I was at home and I wasn’t doing this, I’d wish that I was in this position.” 

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