Snooki Not Getting Solo Reality Show

Snookin’ for love? Hardly.

Jersey Shore dynamo Snooki revealed that she is not getting a much-rumored reality show based on her search for a man.

“Let’s clear this up kids,” tweeted Snooki, “I did not get my own dating show and plus, I gotta man, I don’t need anybody else.”

In January of this year, Snooki revealed that she had offers from networks to pick up her own solo reality show, Snookin’ for Love. However, it seems like either Snooki decided to never jump on those offers or her contract with MTV prevented her from getting her own reality show while she was still committed to Jersey Shore.

Currently, Snooki has her own online “show” on YouTube where she often makes confessional-style vlogs and lipdubs to popular pop songs. Watch Snooki lip sync to Britney Spears below.

Snooks is reportedly dating Jeff Miranda, an Iraq War veteran who recently proposed to his sweeheart via the cover of New Jersey nightlife magazine, Steppin’ Out. Snooki did not take Jeff up on his offer.

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