Snooki to Sign Autographs as Community Service

They say that crime doesn’t pay…but in the cast of Jersey Shore enchantress Snooki, it apparently doesn’t cost much either.

The reality TV sensation’s lawyer, Ray Raya, tells TMZ that his client—who was arrested for disorderly conduct following a reportedly drunken incident in Seaside Heights, New Jersey, this July—has received two days of community service for the infraction, and will work off a large chunk of it this weekend by (wait for it) signing autographs.

The mouthpiece reveals that the Snookster will be putting in a three-hour appearance at the Seaside Heights Community Center, giving her Jane Hancock to people at a fundraising event for an animal charity.

Snooki—born Nicole Polizzi—will also reportedly make a “personal donation of an undisclosed amount” to the charity and participate in a private community service activity that will eat away at another few hours of her sentence.

Do you think justice is being served in Snooki’s case? Feel free to play armchair juror in the comments section.