Another Intruder Arrested at Paris Hilton's Home

Another Intruder Arrested at Paris Hilton's Home-photo

Maybe Paris Hilton should consider investing in an electric fence.

TMZ reports that police arrested another intruder at the celebutante's Los Angeles-area home today, after he snuck past a guard and knocked on her front door. This would make the second time that a criminally unwelcome guest has turned up at Hilton's home since August, when a knife-wielding intruder was arrested at her home. To say nothing of her victimization at the hands of the "Bling Ring" gang of burglars.

This time around, the alleged intruder, who was riding a bicycle, allegedly got into a scuffle with Hilton's private security personnel before they were able to detain him until police arrived.



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  • auntbilly

    OMG! once again! her house is like cheese and mice want to get it! It is impossible to think once AGAIN!

  • barbara02

    I'm starting to think that she pays those intruders to invade her house...

  • charaze

    I agree. With all these intruders, and her 'status', BTDoubz, she should upgrade her security system (if ever she has one). It has become at trend, these men.