Check Out Selena Gomez’s British Accent (VIDEO)

What could make Teen Queen Selena Gomez even hotter? A British accent, of course.

The “Year Without Rain” songbird showed off her new vocal stylings during an interview with SBTV in jolly ol’ England.

Selena’s accent was surprisingly believable and was a big improvement from the one she debuted on BBC Radio in January of this year. Watch Selena’s updated rendition (and interview) below.

In the interview, Selena revealed that she loved order a cup of tea when she is in England, even though she isn’t a big tea-drinker.

“I love having tea here because it’s obviously a lovely thing to do,” said Selena “I just like saying it more than I actually like it.”

The 18-year-old teen role model also revealed that she loves the London look: “I love the fashion here so I definitely love to go shopping.”

What do you think of Selena’s accent? Share your thoughts below.