Nick Jonas Makes a Pizza Run (PHOTOS)

How does Nick Jonas maintain his rock hard bod? Pizza!

The youngest member of the Jonas Brothers was spotted going out on a pizza run in Los Angeles on Monday. The 18-year-old cutie showed off his glistening muscles as he carried a pie, a soda and what looked like bread with marinara dipping sauce. Yummy! (And we aren't just talking about the food.)

What would you pay to have Nick Jonas deliver a pizza to your door? Check out more photos and share your thoughts below.



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  • thecabinet

    he went to see her with the pizza! ;)

  • thecabinet

    Nick is seeing someone i think her name is Deb :)

  • Joelle Fever
    Joelle Fever

    LOve you nick !

  • danielle

    cool he is doing norrmal

  • love0012

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  • n

    i want a slice

  • shannonrabon

    hey nice piza u got there lol

  • sara

    i agree he's very yummy! how can he look so hot doing simple things?