Shia & Rosie Film 'Transformers 3' (PHOTOS)

The filming of Transformers 3 is getting intense, but in between scenes, stars Shia LaBeouf and Rosie Huntington-Whiteley have no problem unwinding and kicking back a bit.

During filming on Monday in Washington, D.C., LaBeouf was seen cracking smiles and snagging himself a frosty beverage in between takes, while Rosie made anyone missing Megan Fox reconsider their opinion with a series of very sultry looks.

The proof is in the gallery ... click through to see for yourself!



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  • kylie campbell
    kylie campbell

    awawaw so cute hi xx

  • mickymouse

    i hate her!!!!!! she's always got her lips pocked up and galloping like a horse! this movie is incomplte without out megan:(

  • Jen

    She is not attractive at all. I miss Megan Fox. Hopefully she won't make Shia look bad because she looks like she should be in a vampire movie.

  • shockingfact!

    He is actually getting cuter...

  • greg

    def need to put megan back in this chick can be hot at a photo shoot but this is garbage

  • Mike

    Thank God Megan Fox is out of this one. That bitch needs to jump off the Empire State Building, then have Michael Bay's crew run over the corpse.

  • Roc

    uh no....shes ok, but Never as good looking as Megan

  • Lauren

    Ew. I thought she was supposed to be a pretty replacement for Megan Fox? Definitely not...

  • Anna

    Did he get a chin implant? He used to have a weak chin, now it's a very definite jawine.

  • aunt Billy
    aunt Billy

    By the way...where does he live? LOL! I would like to wrinkle his tuxedo! LOL

  • Master

    She looks abit retarded here

  • aunt Billy
    aunt Billy

    OMG! he is so...cute! I love him!