Is Joe Jonas Proposing to Ashley Greene?

Joe Jonas might be looking to follow in brother Kevin’s footsteps and trade in his purity ring for a wedding ring soon.

According to reports, the 21-year-old JoBro has become so smitten with his current girlfriend, 23-year-old Twilight beauty Ashley Greene, that he’s planning to pop the question. The “LA. Baby” singer has reportedly even gone ring-shopping on Beverly Hills’ famed Rodeo Drive, looking for just the right rock to slip onto Greene’s finger:

“He wants to make sure she doesn’t go anywhere and he feels if he puts a ring on her finger and sets a date for what he believes is his future bride, he can tour and they can have time apart and he won’t worry.”

What’s more, according to a Jonas Brothers insider, Joe wants Greene to move in with him, so that they can spend every possible minute together:

“Because they are trying to spend as much time as possible together during Ashley’s filming of the new Twilight film and Joe’s upcoming South Africa tour, he wants her to live with him when they are together to minimize time loss…Joe has never felt like this before about another woman. He left Demi Lovato and went right into this without knowing it would become so serious. For the first time he feels he has found true love.”

How sweet. If it’s true. Do you think Joe will actually propose to Ashley? And if so, should he? Share your thoughts in the comments section … then peruse the possible-future-Mrs.-Jonas in our Ashley Greene’s Sexiest Photos extravaganza.