Jennifer Aniston Pulling for Cox/Arquette Reunion

Jennifer Aniston knows the pain of divorce, and she’s hoping that her on-and-offscreen friend Courteney Cox can avoid it.

According to PopEater, the 41-year-old Aniston—who split with her husband Brad Pitt in 2005—is desperately hoping that her former castmate Cox and her husband David Arquette, who announced their separation yesterday, won’t dissolve their 11-year-marriage. A friend of Aniston’s tells the site,

“Jen has known for some time that the couple was in trouble but hoped and prayed they would be able to work it out. No one knows how painful divorce is more than Jen and she hopes they don’t rush into it without exhausting every possibility to stay together.”

Given that Arquette and Cox actually split up months ago—and Arquette’s admission that he’s already found a new woman in Jasmine Waltz—reconciliation might be a tall order. But Aniston is apparently determined to show her support for her pal Cox, not least of all because Courteney provided a shoulder for Aniston to cry on when she and Pitt parted ways. The source adds, 

“Goodness knows Courteney supported Jen during her breakup with Brad Pitt. Now it’s Jen’s turn to be to supportive.”

But will the support matter? Share your predictions in the comments section: Is there a chance that Cox and Arquette will reconcile, or are they totally dunzo?