Lil Wayne’s New CD Bundled with Rap Karaoke Game

Album sales are down across the board, but Lil Wayne and co. aren’t going down easy.

Weezy’s new EP I Am Not a Human Being will be bundled with the rap-themed karaoke game Def Jam Rapstar as a part of a new solution aimed at boosting sluggish album sales, although the deal is good only at Best Buy locations until October 19.

The game lets players try to out-karaoke each other at home or online to a long list of popular rap songs. Cursing is permissable, but not necessary as the game only uses radio friendly versions, including Wayne’s song “A Milli.”

This is the second game in the last month and ever to try this, the first being Guitar Hero: Warriors of Rock, which shipped a million copies at the end of September with Soundgarden’s greatest hits album Telephantasm attached.

But will this count toward albums going platinum or topping the charts? The Recording Industry Association of America says yes and no, respectively. If an album is bundled with a million copies of a game, for example, that album is automatically qualified for platinum status, but that won’t cause the CD to chart on the Billboard 200 album list. 

Is there an album you’d like to see bundled with a game? Share you thoughts in the comments section.

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