Taylor Swift Admits Crush on Taylor Lautner, Starbucks

Despite selling millions of records around the world and gaining international fame, there’s one thing Taylor Swift thinks will secure her spot in musical success: Having her CDs sold at Starbucks stores.

Swift, in an interview with Ladies Home Journal (via CMIL) says that one of her life’s biggest ambitions is to be able to order her album and a Frappuccino in the same establishment:

“Seeing my album in Starbucks. I really love Starbucks. I go there every day and I just stare longingly at the CDs they sell. I?m so envious.”

A girl can dream! Strangely enough, another unchecked box on T-Swift’s wish list is a collaboration with rap superstar Jay-Z. “I know our genres are completely different, but there could be something cool about that,” Swift says of Jigga. Hopefully that goes better than her last run-in with a rapper …

Here’s a few more choice nuggets from the interview:

Her Hollywood crush: Taylor Lautner. It’s always going to be Taylor.”

Three words to describe her new album, Speak Now: “Diverse. Detailed. Relationship-y. I’m turning relationship into an adjective.”

How she’ll celebrate her 21st birthday: “Maybe I’ll have a glass of wine — but nothing too hardcore for me. I’ve never had the burning desire to drink. I need to be in control of what I say, and if I drank, I’d stress out about saying the wrong thing at the wrong time.”

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