Win A Gift Basket from Celebrity Hair Guru Nick Chavez!

Win A Gift Basket from Celebrity Hair Guru Nick Chavez!-photo

Wish you could have awesome hair like a celebrity? Well now you can!

Celebuzz will be giving away five gift baskets of goodies from celebrity hair stylist Nick Chavez to celebrate his 15th anniversary with QVC.

How do you get your hands on these fab hair products? All you have to do is comment with your worst hair nightmare! And if you’ve got any pics to prove the hair catastrophe, send them our way!

We’ll be picking the five best (or we guess you could say worst) hair disasters and send them some much needed relief with a gift basket that includes products from Nick’s nourishing and volumizing lines as well as many more! Also, don't forget to check out Nick and his amazing hair care line on QVC this weekend on October 14th and 15th!

What are you waiting for? Hit the comments and tell us your biggest hair fail for your chance to win! Nick may even respond to YOU with a personal consultation!



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  • estherannette

    When I was about to start my junior year of high school in 1990, I wanted a perm. I had an old perm that was growing out. I decided to go to the local beauty college, and before doing a perm, the instructor decided to "trim" my hair first. She had me flip my head upside down, pulled my hair into a ponytail upside down, found the shortest point, and cut everything beyond that. It may sound good in theory, but I ended up with a major bi-level hair cut. The shortest part was about to my chin and the next level was several inches past my shoulder. On top of that, she then decided to test my hair to see if I should get a perm and determined it was too damaged to get a perm anyway. . . so I just walked out as I was and had my mom try to fix it, which didn't work very well either. P.S. This website did not accept my real e-mail address as valid, so if I am selected, please use my real e-mail, Thanks.

  • zapace

    My worst nightmare is growng my hair from a short layered cut back to a classic bob. It looks great when I visit the hair dresser but when I try on my own, it looks nothing like the salon look and at times not matter what I do I cannot do anything with it.

  • nbaybe

    My Hair Nightmare!! I was born with THICK & FRIZZY HAIR!! And the top of my hair gets so FLAT and has NO VOLUME. I have to wash my hair every day because I have such an oily scalp that if I go a day without washing my hair, it looks like someone literally shellacked my hair. I hate it! Since its so thick, if I wear it straight or flipped, as soon as I step outside...POOF!! Frizzy and flipping all its own ways. I'm constantly self conscious about myself when my hair looks a mess because I believe a woman's hair is her most beautiful feature.It presents the body, face and personality of that individual woman. When I was 17, I went to Beauty School and ever since I graduated, my hair is my Ginny pig. Ive bleached it numerous times, but it never became damaged as it should. So in some sense I love my hair, but its so unmanageable. Ive tried expensive products, cheap products, i just don't know what to do! Ive seen and heard a lot bout your products and right now working part time helping support my mom and dad since they've both lost there jobs, i cant afford anymore products. Or at least to try them and find they don't work. PLEASE HELP ME!! I help my friends with there hair and it comes out stunning, but I have no hope with my own. Now its my hair that needs help. HELP ME PLEASE =]

  • chelesa

    My Hair Nightmare-MYy Hair Is Falling Out To Point I am Allways Finding Hair Everywhere, It Has No Style . Straight As A Board, Color Treated So Really Dry. It Wont Style Into Anything. I Have Spilt Endz Galorie. Havent Had A haircut In Years .No Shine And Dull,Dull! I Have No Idea What To Use To Make It Look Right. Thin As Ever.

  • lindsey

    I have a horrid hair day everyday, my hair is usually so bad that it's always up in a pony tail. It feels like my hair is never decent, I've tried different shampoos and they make my hair feel dry, conditioners make it feel like it's greasey. my hair frizzes on top and flips on the me!?

  • teresa817


  • angie1947

    my worst nightmare hair experience was about 3 yrs ago.....i decided to redo my hair color , i have blonde hair colored , so i need to retouch it up about every six to eight weeks , well this time i left the dye on for almost 3 hours , i layed across the bed and fell asleep and when i went to rinse some fell out but when i went to comb out the hair came out in globs all over my haed , i had to go have it cut very short almost a crew cut , i was so upset that i must have cried for a week everytime i looked in the mirrow. needless to say , it hasnt happened since, and i buy the best hair dye i can afford!!!!!!!!

  • sharon04

    Actually I;ve had a couple of really BAD hair disasters. Once my sister was going to frost my hair. Put the cap with the holes in it tightly over my head and she started pulling strands of hair through the holes. When all was done it was time to take the cap off. Not only did the cap come off but most of the hair that had been pulled through the holes came out, too. Quick trip to the hair dresser for a really short hair cut!! The other was after I'd been injured in an accident and later after taking tons of antibiotics my hair was really coming out. So my hairdresser put a perm in my hair, I used a really soft feeling shampoo/conditioner so there was only a minimal amount of having to fix it - let it air dry and gently picked it out. That was in May, 1978 and my hairdresser still tells that story to her clients of me nearly going bald!!

  • alitsa

    Almost every day is a bad hair day for me. I was born with baby-fine thin hair and it never grew up. I have left hair stylists in tears (while they emptied my wallet) trying to get a good look, so imagine how I feel! If I don't wash it every morning, it looks dirty, flat, and stringy. I can wash it the night before and the next morning, yikes! My husband likes to pull pieces and make then stand on end. Not funny! (OK, it is, but.....) When I was young and slender I modeled, and during one shoot my hair caught on fire. I suppose that could be my worse hair day, but what really comes to memory is when I was camp leader for a bunch of teenage girls. I decided to stay behind while they went on a mountain hike with another leader. I tidied up the campsite, did the dishes and decided to wash my hair in the nearby creek. Without a blowdryer to put some oomph into my hair it just fell flat, but at least it was clean! When the girls came back, I mentioned to the other leader that I had taken the time to wash my hair. She looked me straight in the eye, smiled, and said, "Go ahead, I'll watch the girls and get dinner going." How bad is that?! I had washed it just an hour earlier! I can't find the picture I have from camp but I have one of my husband's styling efforts. No hairspray was needed. Really. (Only a desperate woman would post a picture like this!!! LOL)

  • msmorev

    Hi! My worst hair nightmare was when I got a perm and dyed my hair. It took me years to recover from the damage that both did to it. I had to have the color stripped and it really took a toll on the quality of my hair. Eventually, it regained it's quality. I have straight, fine hair and it's always been silky smooth~until I had my child. It's almost as if nutrients zapped all the softness out of my hair. It is still soft but nowhere near the quality it used to be. I'd love for it to regain that youthful lustre and to also have more body to it. I've love to curl it but since my hair is so straight and fine, I have a very hard time getting any body or curls to stay in without using tons of products which end up making it stiff. Any advice, Nick? Love you and Celebuzz and follow you both on twitter as @msmorev. Best wishes for your 15th anniversary on QVC! I know you'll be wonderful.

  • adrian44

    Having dry hair in the winter is definately a drag. It frizzes easily, gets lots of static, and is hard to manage. Trying these high-quality products would help my hair look healthy, shiny, and hydrated again. Great prize - thanks for the chance!

  • sensimel

    I have always had an issue with my hair. Ive had long and permed and short and colored and now have let it back to its natural state which has become semi curly. I cant seem to find a style that suites me no matter what I try. I have gone to beauty shows and so on asking and praying Id get picked for help to no avail and now im in my later years and still looking sad

  • lswwilwild

    my worst hair disaster.Last year celebrated 60th birthday.40th anniversary and my first grandchild becoming a teenager all with the same hair style as I had when i was 20. My hair is fine, fast growing and very!! straight. Will not curl even with a curling iron so I have always permed it and everyone says it is too puffy and even the little kids try to flatten it down. If I don't perm it falls straight down. lsw

  • lcramer

    My worst hair disaster was when I tried to light a furnance and it back flashed on me and singed about 60% of my hair. Needless to say I have to get a majority of it cut off and I used "extra" conditioner for quite a while.

  • dixie1596

    Type your comment here. my biggest hair fail is when i changed meds that i have to take, i dyed my hair and it turned green, i mean it, and it was "fried" i had to cut my hair, 8 inches, and now i am scared to dye it again, i have so much gray plus it is short to my ears! i hate being with messed up hair i want it healthy and look wonderful, just cause i am in my 40's, doesn't mean i don't want to look sexy!

  • selena528

    My worst hair moment? HA. I have two. One, my fifth grade school picture my Mom did my hair in these stupid ridiculous pigtails with half my hair up and half down. Omg, I looked AWFUL but didn't know until the pics came back! Mortified! Then, for my 8th grade graduation pictures my Mom cut my bangs - and guess what we learned? You do NOT cut bangs into curly hair! My hair is very long and thick and curly and the bangs thing was a MESS. Think June + a humid day + curly hair.. and then add the bangs. Nightmare. If I had the pics I would post them. And then burn them.

  • creeativeforce

    You know how those at-home hair dye kits tell you to do test strands first? Well, people should really do just that! I had used a certain brand's kit for a long time so stopped doing the test beforehand as I didn't think I could possibly have an allergic reaction. Well I must have bought a bad batch because about 10 minutes into a 20-minute leave on, I started feeling intense pain on my scalp. I didn't know what was going on so very stupidly left it on a few more minutes before finally washing it out. Oh my god, the result was horrible!! I had essentially chemically burned myself. I had open sores (later gross scabs) all over my scalp, my hair turned a weird orange-ish color and bits of it fell out. I have really dry (and often frizzy) hair anyway but this just turned it to straw. I never want to repeat that experience again and am always on the lookout for new products to take better care of my hair!!

  • 216amyc

    When I was 17 , I decided to dye my long dark hair bleach blonde myself at home. As you can imagine, it looked awful. And my hair was so damaged from all of the bleach it all broke off and fell out. I ended up going to a salon and getting all cut off to a boy-short hairdo.

  • jenigoat

    I have a head full of long, tight, cork screw like curls. You would think that my hair is very thick but each strand is actually very fine. I've always had problems with my hair being fragile as well as frizzy and hard to manage. I decided to try out One N' Only Curl Remover to try and relax my curls and make them more manageable. Needless to say, I just ended up causing my hair a lot of damage. Now I have a ton of breakage all the way around my hairline! Especially in the front where one small patch is only a couple inches long. Plus, I have more frizz now than ever and my curls look uneven. Some sections of hair are straighter than others because they processed differently. I have to put a lot of product in my hair to smooth my curls in place now. I've trimmed a lot off my ends and try to deep condition every day to help fix the damage, but my curls seem to get split ends constantly now. I'm not sure what to try next.

  • marycan1

    hello My worst disaster is my fine hair its curly when it wants to be frizzy a lot i finally got it to grow help sos my hair needs something promising

  • kmp50

    Oh, heavens. My worst hair was my junior prom - French curls. The worst hairdo ever thought up by man. It took hours to comb out....

  • danadenay

    Right after graduation I decided that I wanted a spiral perm in my already curly hair. I went to a local salon and thought I explained what I wanted to the hair dresser. When it was time to take my hair down I could tell from the look on her face something was just not right.....after being turned around to the mirror I knew whey she had such a look on her face. My hair looked like poodle hair! Oh, I was so upselt. I vowed when it grew out I'd NEVER get another perm. All these years later, I have kept my promise!

  • othervictoria

    One day I decided I wanted red hair. So, I put red hair dye in my darkish brown hair, hoping for at least something. No luck. So, the next day, I bleach my hair. It ends up looking like I have orange hair with random brown spots. I leave it for a couple days (to let my hair recuperate from the bleach) and then I put the red dye in. Everything goes well. But a few weeks later, I decide that I want to add pink streaks. So, I put pink in. It doesn't show up. I then bleach certain sections, then put the pink in. Shows up, but only for a few days. A week later I decide I want blue in my hair, but just tips. So I bleach my tips, but the bleach gets into other parts of my hair as well. Then I put the blue in, and everything's pretty good. Eventually, everything starts to fade out and look terrible, so I dye my hair black (which is pretty close to my natural color, so I don't have to worry about it for a while.) But I neglect to use appropriate color saving shampoo and conditioner. So, about a week later, I have hair that includes the colors: orange, black, brown, red, blue, gray (the blue faded to gray), and blonde. It was certainly not the most attractive hair. In fact, I had to chop most of my hair off, because I had basically killed it with dye.

  • bella317

    My best friend said that she could give me black hair with marron pieces. This was about 10 yrs ago, well she had to bleach sections of my hair after dying it jet black. It took two days for us to bleach out the black so that we could do the marron pieces, I had to walk around for a day and a half looking like some freak before it actually looked ok and took.

  • tayarmj

    my worse hair is all summer!! its naturally curly and get so frizzy in the heat! I've tried pretty much every product out there and still can't get the nice curls i so desperately want :( HELP!!!!

  • ciesla504

    OMG! I am having my worst hair nightmare right now! For the past 1-2 years I have been trying everything to try to stop my hair from falling out all over the place! I have always had long and very thick hair (I am Italian so born with lots of hair from day one!) Anyways, it has been a total nightmare that I can not seem to wake up from! I have even gone to the Dr. to be tested to rule out health issues (not thyroid etc., thank goodness!) They say I am healthy, but why is my hair seem to be thinning and falling everywhere? We vaccum the floors daily and I totally dread cooking for any quests for fear of them finding a hair. I am desperate for some professional help! Please RESCUE ME!

  • applespice159

    Well my biggest hair mistake was when I dyed it a raspberry brown color and it turned out a mess. Had to go to salon to get it fixed. My hair is very thin so I don't like to color it too often. I have heard great things about these products and would love to try them.

  • twinklemepink06

    My worst hair nightmare was when I decided to color my blonde locks to a deep red. When I stripped my hair to go back blonde, I was left with dry strawberry colored hair for months! Let's just say my back-to-school pictures came out awful that year!