Christina Aguilera Faces Sticky Divorce Issue

Now that Christina Aguilera and Jordan Bratman are officially divorcing and the deep-pocketed couple protected their assets with a prenuptial agreement, their split should be smooth sailing, right? Not exactly, says divorce attorney-to-the-stars Raoul Felder.

Though the divorce filing obtained by TMZ shows Aguilera seeking to “terminate Bratman’s ability to get spousal support,” Felder tells Celebuzz that the singer could still end up cutting monthly checks to Bratman, a noted music producer.

“Technically a man could get spousal support if the woman makes much more money than he does,” Felder said. “She has a legitimate concern.”

The Aguilera-Bratman prenup appears to protect Aguilera’s earnings during the marriage (and those sure to come after,) but the Burlesque star’s attempt to block Bratman from receiving spousal support may indicate that the issue was not included in their prenup.

“It depends on what the prenup said, but it’s less likely that they addressed spousal support,” Felder said. “It’s usually earnings and assets they want to protect.”

Regardless of how the couple’s divorce unfolds, Felder said it was wise for Christina and Jordan to ink a prenup before their wedding five years ago.

“They both earn considerable sums of money,” Felder told Celebuzz. “It’s a business arrangement when two celebrities got married.”

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