Courteney Cox and David Arquette Are Reunited! (Sorta)

Courteney Cox and David Arquette’s marriage may be on extremely thin ice, but thanks to the magic of the movies, we can still pretend that they’re together.

Dimension Films has released a new promo still for Scream 4 featuring the estranged couple—who announced their separation earlier this week—in their roles of Sheriff Dewey Riley and Gale Weathers-Riley. (Oh, and Neve Campbell’s in the picture too, presumably for moral support.)

The fourth installment of the recently resurrected Scream franchise hits theaters on April 15, 2011. It should be interesting to see if Arquette and Cox have resurrected their marriage as well at that point.

Are you eager to see how Cox and Arquette’s onscreen chemistry is affected by their marital woes? Let us know in the comments section.