Demi Lovato Is Behind Miley Cyrus ‘100 Percent’ (VIDEO)

Miley Cyrus has plenty of critics, from rank-and-file music fans to finger-wagging parents’ groups. But Demi Lovato is not among them.

The Camp Rock star defended her Disney compatriot big time earlier this week, after announcing this year’s American Music Awards nominees. Offered an opportunity to dish about the controversy surrounding Cyrus’ sexy new “Who Owns My Heart” video, Lovato immediately shut down any possibility of negativity, snapping,

“She’s my best friend, so you better watch out…I think that she looks stunning, and I will defend her 100 percent for the rest of my life.”

Further pressed to comment on Cyrus’ video, Lovato reaffirmed in no uncertain terms,

“Like I said, she’s my best friend and I will defend her for the rest of my life.”

Watch Demi shut down the hate in the video below. Do you admire her loyalty, or is it time for her to have a sit-down talk with her pal about appropriate behavior? Share your opinion in the comments section.