Justin Bieber Debuts Rap Alter Ego (VIDEO)

Now that he’s mastered the art of melodious teen pop, Justin Bieber is attempting a rap crossover.

Beliebers, meet Shawty Mane, Bieber’s self-proclaimed rap alter ego and the rhyme-master behind a jam called “Speaking in Tongues.” A bespectacled Bieber, ahem, Shawty, shared the tune via Twitter last night, with rap shout-outs to Lady Gaga and Bieber’s own uber-hit “Baby.”

“You guys might know me as the guy who sings ‘Baby,'” Bieber raps. “I’m a singer. I’m white. I just wanted to do this to prove I got skills on the rap game.”

Check it out here:

“Who knew i could rap lol,” Bieber wrote. Um, now… all of us. Perhaps Shawty and Demi Lovato’s rap alter ego MC DLove should get together for a little collaboration.

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