Kristen Stewart's Foul-Mouthed 'Welcome to the Rileys' Clip (VIDEO)

Kristen Stewart's Foul-Mouthed 'Welcome to the Rileys' Clip (VIDEO)-photo

A new clip from the Twilight beauty Kristen Stewart's upcoming film Welcome to the Rileys (which goes into limited release on October 29) has been unleashed on the Internet, but be forewarned, Twi-hards: The language that K-Stew throws around in the segment could make a sailor blush and cover his ears.

Clear the kiddies out of the room, lock the door and check out the video here, to see Stewart's character, underage stripper Mallory, explains to traveling businessman Doug Riley (The Sopranos' James Gandolfini) exactly what she will and won't do in the bedroom. (In case it wasn't already obvious, the language in the clip is NSFW.)

Do you think Stewart is in danger of alienating audiences by taking on such edgy roles? Let us know in the comments section. And afterward, make sure to hit up Celebuzz's gallery of Kristen Stewart's Hottest Looks for a more wholesome view of the starlet.



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  • tammy

    Casting Kristen Stewart in any movie is an insult to many young and talented young girls. Reason she is here is only because of her parents influence. There are many people who are really talented and cannot make it because they do not have the contacts. Reason I am writing this is because i finally read the twilight saga books, which was with me for the past 2 years. I sort of liked it even though the books have some flaws. Then i decided to see the movies on DVD's. The first one is just OK though the director could have made it better by adding few more scenes. Kristen’s acting looked dull but people didn't notice it because of Rob. Focus naturally went from Kristen to Rob and she was just in the background. But the director somehow managed to retain the chemistry between the two. Yesterday saw New Moon. I cant say how disappointed I am. What should I say? Bad direction and bad screenplay adding unnecessary scenes in Voltura, which portrays Rob as a weakling. What about Kristen? Is she an actress or what? She just stood there as if she was reading the script. No emotions what so ever. The part where Rob is leaving her it seemed to me that she was bored and was waiting for him to go. Rob still had some emotions on his face. Kristen should have acted hysterical or in shock. Months that passed were shown her sitting on a chair without shedding a tear. When she meets Jacob she is very active. She didn't come across as somebody who is grieving. Between rob and Kristen was there any chemistry? I think the director didn't even read the book. He was just there relying on the horrible script and horrible actress to do the job. It is inexcusable of Kristen to give such a poor performance as she is in this field for the past 8 years. Rob and Taylor have improved drastically although they are not born actors like Leonardo Di Caprio. I am sure with time they will also be good. I was wondering is there any way this movie could be remade with a different Bella or are we stuck with this emotionless statue forever. Her poor acting is in fact detrimental for her fellow actors. Just because the rumor that Pattinson is dating her is circulating she has some supporters. People want to see them together. Once when twilight saga is finished she will be finished. Saw Eclipse. Had to switch off because Kristen’s acting was horrible as ever. Rob was horrible too. Maybe he does not get the right motivation to act when a wooden statue is in front of him. She lacks depth in her acting. Welcome to the Riley’s is the best she can do. That is a straightforward role with wooden miserable expressions. To act well the actor should know the character they play well. Unfortunately she doesn't know her characters well. That’s why for every role there is stuttering, lip biting, inhaling exhaling loudly and blinking. That's her trademark acting. No other emotion is possible. Can she shed few tears at the appropriate time? Never. When people say that is her twihard fans that she is worthy of Oscars I feel like puking. What an insult to Alpacino, Robert De Niro and Marlon Brando. They should watch the speech of Alpacino in the Scent of a Woman. If she can produce even a micro ounce of that acting she can go a long way.

  • bridgette

    Your headlines make you asses. If anything you are the foul mouthed ones.

  • Expert on Everything
    Expert on Everything

    She can't act. The worst and the ugliest ,actress' in Hollywood. I have big news for you!! Your gay! Isn't it great to finally know now and stop being hateful to amazing and talented beautiful women because you can't actually be them, but at least now you know why it is that you act so retarded! How great for you! Happy Monday BTW! : )

  • Eric

    Kristen's amazing actress.

  • Courtney

    Watch Speak. Watch The Cake Eaters. While Kristen does often inject herself into her roles, she's definitely got more talent than most girls her age in the business. She wasn't good in Twilight.. but no one was. I give everyone a free pass because the script in that movie was something no one could possibly salvage.

  • Cosmo

    I know everyone has the right to freedom of speech. But really, why bother post your comments when it is spewed with hate. Without a doubt, your comments say very much about your personality. Even if I don't think something or someone, I would not be nasty about it. Get a life and seek a mental coach But it's true - she really can't act! And I'm agree - she is ugly.

  • edwardsucks

    wow! much much better acting than footface robert pattinson. robert can only play edward which suits him well because it only requires dull and stiff acting!

  • hannah

    She really can't act. She plays herself in every single movie. This one is no different.

  • haha

    Shes soooo ulgy bc of pot she is going 2 die soon soo

  • Getreal

    She can't act. The worst and the ugliest ,actress' in Hollywood. I know everyone has the right to freedom of speech. But really, why bother post your comments when it is spewed with hate. Without a doubt, your comments say very much about your personality. Even if I don't think something or someone, I would not be nasty about it. Get a life and seek a mental coach

  • bellabells68

    Love Kristen Stewart and her acting. Will definitely see Welcome to the Rileys.

  • imagen

    I love hearing those Twilight kids swear. It makes me irrationally happy. I think every time they swear an angel gets their wings.

  • JA

    She can't act. The worst and the ugliest ,actress' in Hollywood.

  • Getreal

    Why do people feel the need to add nasty comments. This girl is young and refreshing. While she may have a edge, she has tremendous potential to be a great actress. I personally find her interesting and beautiful in today's young talent in hollywood. She is not out there in the clubs and opening opening up her shirt for all to see. Give the girl a break. You will see the actress win an oscar down the road when she fully matures. And this is coming from a mature woman here.

  • lully

    i've told a million times that she can play every roles in the world.. she's one of rare great actresses

  • asdftgyhujk

    hahaha no pussy?

  • caroline

    WHY DO YOU GUYS ALWAYS HAVE TO DISS HER?? WTF?? its so incredibly ridiculous- i dont even come here, but occasionally when i go to OTHER celeb sites i have to see your smutty, desperate headline strying to twist whatever news you can get about her. just so you know, that f*cking DUMB. there are way more ppl that like her and devoted to her and will visit your site repeatedly if they know you have good news about her-i dont know of one person, even the haters, who frequent sites just to see BAD news about kristen. so i hope you get no hits EVER- i know you wont be getting my traffic. ever.

  • awesome33

    WOW this is amazing!!!! Kristen is so amusing and pretty and such and inspiration!!!!! Shes a real, refreshing actress as well which is why hollywood can be quick to critisize because an actress ike her is so rare and unique! Shes not gonna put ona fake smile if she dosent feel like it!!!! She is AMAZING in this movie!

  • yes

    I'm looking forward to seeing the movie. And YES...I will still love her Bella character too. It's all just acting folks. Kristen has done a great job up to now and is only getting better. Can't wait to see this movie.

  • loa

    I will see WTTR movie because I loved trailer. Stewart looks very good in this role.

  • alora

    I am excited to see this movie. Kristen is very good actress.

  • crizo1941

    is just a movie you idiots

  • Bronte

    I can't tell you the number of time I've had to tell James Gandolfini that I don't do anal. Hahaah! Love it!

  • hispanicatthedisco

    I can't tell you the number of time I've had to tell James Gandolfini that I don't do anal.

  • aya

    u see why its soooo frustrating to be in a blockbuster movie because u cant make risks in such interesting low budget movies without getting criticized from society

  • sissidelyon

    She's not in danger of anything. She is a fantastic actress and always as been. If people only see her as Bella Swan, well too bad for them. She's been here for ages and will still be when all those famewhores and barbie dolls will be dead and forgotten... Here we've got a great and down to earth young women... who is probably happy with her life and her career but won't give anything away to the gossip and the paps... I just adore her!