Lady Gaga Challenger Ready to ‘Duel’ for $1 Million

Lady Gaga’s pop throne has been challenged by a mostly-unknown singer named Alisa Apps, but will she accept what Apps calls a million dollar “duel”? Celebuzz has an exclusive interview with Apps to get to the bottom of it.

Apps angered millions of little monsters when she challenged Gaga to the sing-off, which she claims will give “people a chance to choose which they prefer: plastic or real.”

Celebuzz spoke with the unsigned 27-year-old Cleveland, OH native about the competition and her intentions toward Gaga. As it turns out, Apps was inches away from a career in dentistry at age 23 before committing to music, her first love, and moving across the country. Currently, her biggest claim to fame is having well over one million Youtube views for her original song “How Do I Make It Right?“, but that’s two years old. As she puts it, “That’s not all of me.”   

CELEBUZZ: There’s a bit of spin out there, so hopefully you can clear it up. Do you hate Lady Gaga’s music or resent her?

APPS: No! What I’ve come across is that her fans in general are getting very hostile about the whole thing. I don’t hate her. I just think that Lady Gaga doesn’t know who Lady Gaga is, and for that matter, doesn’t know who Stephanie is anymore. I’d like to see music out there that has more true person, more of the true heart. 

What’s plastic about Gaga?

Just having all these different masks and not really being one of them.

So how did you come up with the idea for this challenge? 

My fans were saying, “Wow, I love your voice. You’re so amazing. You know, you’re better than Lady Gaga! You should challenge her.” And then I kept on getting emails like that. I said, “You know what? There’s some merit and some value to it.” Music needs a facelift. There’s so much machine in music now that the heart and soul doesn’t come out. The public isn’t stupid. The public is very intelligent, and I think they’re realizing that there’s a lot of artists that do use these gadgets, and they’re taking advantage of the public.

Listen to Alissa’s new recorded song “Billy” for a more accurate taste of what could be to come:

Have you had any contact with Gaga, tried to call her or heard from her at all?

I haven’t heard from her yet, but I’m definitely looking forward to it. (laughs) All in all I think it’s very exciting. There’s already competition in music with the whole American Idol thing and think this is just bringing it to a new world of competition. I think this is something that would stun the world. It’s up to her. I’m planning on upping the ante and encouraging the fight. It’s not necessarily a fight, but it kind of is. It’s a duel, right?

There’s a lot at stake.

In the end, half the money could go to charity to do wonderful, beautiful things.

You have a million dollars to put up if you lose?

Yes. At a later date we’ll tell you who’s putting up the money and the details. 

It’s sort of like the movie Rocky, and in this case you’re Rocky Balboa.

You said it, and I’ll take it (laughs), and I have been in my dungeon pounding at the meat. I’m ready to get out there. People are looking at my videos and thinking that’s all of me. I think people are underestimating what they’re going to see when I come out there live because it doesn’t show what I have up my sleeve.

Have you considered rerecording a Lady Gaga song to fuel the comparison?

No, you know why? I couldn’t do that because it wouldn’t be true to me. If I’m singing someone else’s lyrics then I don’t believe in it and that’s being fake.

Should Lady Gaga accept Alisa Apps challenge? What do you think about Apps music? Tell us in the comments section.

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