Lady Gaga Forced to Buy Her Own Music

Chart-topping songbird Lady Gaga has just made another sale—to herself.

The “Alejandro” chanteuse has struck a deal with auction house Gotta Have It! to buy back several early recordings of hers that were due to go up on the block.

The items include her original 2002 demo CD, along with the 2005 CDs Stefani Germanotta (the singer’s birth name) and Stefani Germanotta Band, Words, along with the 2006 disc Stefani Red and Blue and a showcase performance DVD from the same year.

It’s not known how much Gaga paid for the recordings. The items were to be included in the auction house’s Rock & Roll Pop Culture Auction, which closes on Friday.

Has the world lost the opportunity to hear a lost Gaga classic—or is there a good reason for her to keep the recordings private? Share your theories in the comments section.

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