Mark Salling Returning to ‘Glee’ Soon

Mark Salling will be back on the Glee train sooner than you may think!

Mark was feared to be gone from the show when his character was arrested for crashing his car. The fear escalated when a recent report claimed the Mark breached his Glee contact when he released his own, non-Glee related music. Luckily, RadarOnline reports that Salling is neither in danger of losing his job nor will be gone from the show for long.

According to RadarOnline, Mark will be reappearing on Glee on the show’s sixth episode. While this means that he won’t be in next week’s highly-anticipated Rocky Horror Picture Show-inspired episode, at least we know Puck will soon be strutting back into our lives.

RadarOnline also reports that Salling is not in trouble with show producers for putting out his own music. “People forget that he’s been doing music for almost a decade,” an insider tells the website.

Mark has been pursuing a music career before he was on Glee. Check out his music video for his song “Equally” below.

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