Miley Cyrus Donates Clothes for a Cause

Miley Cyrus showed her humanitarian side on Wednesday, as the 'Can't Be Tamed' crooner dropped off 10 bags of clothes at the Out of the Closet thrift store in Los Angeles ... looking mighty stylish while she did it, of course.

Decked out in a flowery dress, oversized shades, brown booties and perfectly messy hair, Cyrus showed that she's obviously got plenty of good wardrobe options left despite her massive donation.

Click here to see Miley's good deed ... and good look! Then, continue your Miley morning with her cutest looks encyclopedia.



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  • rani93

    if miley acts like a good girl, you complained. what's wrong with you people, get a life

  • Cyanide

    I don't care much for Miley, but any celebrity that donates any of their stuff gets major kudos.

  • FanMiley.

    Miley to tender, too good action. Obviously it's a good person.

  • cynthia

    yes i do think she's a good person also and get so tired of the tabloids making such a big deal out of things she does in her life, i mean come on most teen girls are alot like her they just don't have the gossip and the totally bugging there lives all the time like she does, she is just sewing her wild oats and then i am sure she will calm down soon, people just leave her alone and look at your own lives are you all so perfect, i am in my 50's and i like miley.

  • Melody

    She most likely did it for publicity. She's posing for the pictures and everything. With the population of the homeless shelters, anyone's sure to be giving away more than their closet. It just shows how spoiled she is, she's not giving away ALL her clothes. Like she really cares. She's living the Hollywood life. Her goal is to make us love her more. Honestly, GTFO it. Why are you so judgmental? If she doesn't give you scrutinize her, if she does you scrutinize her MORE. Like really, have you ever freaking considered that maybe she doesn't want to give away all her belongings because SHE'S the one who worked so damn hard for that money. Let's face it, no one gets a job to give it all away on other people. You don't know Miley Cyrus, so you DON'T KNOW her motive, so you shouldn't really be talking. And I highly doubt you'd be giving away all YOUR belongings to give to the needy. She probably has enough for herself and them consider it. SHEESH I didn't know working hard for your money and spending it how you please made you selfish...-_____-

  • Kathy Randol
    Kathy Randol

    GOOD FOR HER!! To take the time to do this. Also, I agree with Dana Williams 100%. More celebritys need to get into action and stop being so into themselves to do something nice for someone besides themselves. My first pick would be non other.........Paris Hilton!!Yes, you heard me right. I cannot stand looking at her.Anyone agree with me on this one?

  • Dana Williams
    Dana Williams

    I clicked a link to get to this page. It was a link that said Miley dressed as a homeless person to donate to the crass is that? Miley has always had her own sense of style and damned what the rest did. That's a country girl for you. I'm not a fan of Miley, cannot stand her voice, however, I do respect her fame among young teens, especially country teens. Her outfit would appeal to them. Shame on the writers of that link for their judgementalness. And I agree with Renee....No celebrity can donate without being judged not just for what they are donating, but how they look while doing it. Should they be in red carpet attire just to donate? Or should they dress down to make the donatees feel more comfortable? They cannot win.

  • Dana Williams
    Dana Williams

    You know what's said, I click a stupid link to get here, and see people bashing a celebrity for doing any kind of good. The link said 'Miley dressed like a Homeless person to donate to the homeless'....She doesn't look like a homeless person in these pics...just another celeb dressed out in her own style, which she's always done...not saying I'm a fan, cause I don't care for her voice, but still...she's always dressed in her own style. Kudos to Miley for caring enough to donate, and shame on those claiming shes dressed like a bum. Lady Gagas meat dress wouldnt exactly be donatable, yet Miley is put down for wearing a flowery dress? Come on now!

  • Renee'

    I'm not a huge Miley fan but I will say that for celebs & the super-rich, there is no way to give to charity without being castigated by the public. If a celeb publicizes their generosity (possibly in an effort to encourage others to give), the public sneers & says "they just did it for the publicity." If they donate in secret, the public jeers them saying "they are so selfish! I've NEVER heard of them doing anything for charity." It's a no-win situation.

  • Delia

    I think Miley is heading for trouble and will probably end up another Lindsey Lohan. I never cared for her very much. Just something about her I don't like.

  • Sophia

    She most likely did it for publicity. She's posing for the pictures and everything. With the population of the homeless shelters, anyone's sure to be giving away more than their closet. It just shows how spoiled she is, she's not giving away ALL her clothes. Like she really cares. She's living the Hollywood life. Her goal is to make us love her more.

  • sync

    miley is a hardworking girl.. she is good but sometimes just wanna have fun

  • sync

    keep doing that ,Miley. be a good role model for your fans ! ^_^

  • mao

    miley is a really good person

  • Andy Bales
    Andy Bales

    Out of the Closet is a thrift store, and not a homeless shelter. Blessings

  • Mandy

    These are the things that the media need to focus on... her charitable deeds not her videos or choreography. It's ridiculous. She looks beautiful :)

  • Charlotte

    OMFG!!! lets give her a f*ckin noble prize and all da money in da world like she hasnt got enough, look at all da people dat are dyin out of no money, no food and no water, when she goes around spending 1k on i tiny little bottle of water, i bet da charity is her, i mean look at this pic, she looks like a tramp! dont hate me cause ya know its true

  • jorerc87

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  • n

    awwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwww i luv that dresss .. back to normal ... hopefully :l

  • Warren

    Miley is always doing lots for charity. I bet those clothes were worth thousands of dollars. Wonder if any of it was clothes Miley ever wore or if it was all new. Clothes that Miley wore always go for big bucks on eBay.

  • auntbilly

    clothes! Amazing!

  • auntbilly

    Are you serious? OMG we have to give her a Nobel Prize next year! Jesus! when you give what you have enough this is not give...clothes even poor people can give that!