Ramona Singer To Peddle Pinot Grigio (VIDEO)

Move over Bethenny Frankel: There’s a new Real Housewife of New York preparing to peddle an alcoholic beverage.

In what will come as no shock at all to fans of the Bravo series, Ramona Singer will launch a line of her favorite wine, pinot grigio, in January 2011. After breaking this delicious news, Luxist also treats fans to a sneak peek at the classy label for Ramona’s sweet nectar.

Ramona’s penchant for pinot has been a recurring theme on RHONY, with pregnant Bethenny estimating that Singer sipped approximately “46 pinot grigios” during a now-infamous girls’ trip to St. Thomas.

Check out a grigioed Ramona dancing the night away here:

Now, for the very reasonable price of $14.99, wine aficionados and/or Ramona acolytes will be able to down her drink of choice. If we’re using Ramona’s grigio-soaked “bachelorette” as a primer, this wine will be best paired with dancing at the Fat Turtle, and plenty of crazy companions. Ramona Singer jewelry optional.

Will you sample Ramona’s new vino? Give us your opinion in the comments.