’30 Rock’ Live: East Coast vs. West Coast (VIDEO)

Who had it better for last night’s live 30 Rock episode: east coast viewers or west coast viewers? Luckily, with the magical powers of the internet, we all get to enjoy both versions of the hit NBC show’s 100% live venture.

Tina Fey, Alec Baldwin and the rest of the cast of the Emmy-winning sitcom put on two live shows last night: One for folks in the east and one for folks in the west. Of course, a show like 30 Rock isn’t content with just putting on the same show twice in a row, so some key differences were thrown into the mix to make the show fresh.

The first difference? The opening number, which was sung by the talented Jane Krakowski  for folks watching on the east coast. Later, Cheyenne Jackson sang his version of the opening song for everyone on the west coast. Watch the two opening numbers below.

East coast:

West coast:

Another difference: the two “commercials” that aired during the show featuring Saturday Night Live veteran Chris Parnell (aka Dr. Leo Spaceman) and Mad Men hunkersaurus Jon Hamm (aka Liz’s handsome ex, Drew). Watch the commercial differences below.

Chris’ east coast commercial:

Chris’ west coast commercial:

Jon’s east coast commercial:

Jon’s west coast commercial:

While changing things up for both east and west coast audiences is fun, 30 Rock isn’t the first show to have to put on two live shows to please people in both time zones. Check out Celebuzz’ brief history of live TV to learn about more shows that put on live specials.

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