AnnaLynne McCord Bikinis It Up on '90210' Set (PHOTOS)

Just because it's October doesn't mean the gals of 90210 are done traipsing around on the beach in bikinis, as AnnaLynne McCord deftly proved on Thursday.

The bikini-favoring actress -- along with castmates Jessica Stroup and Shenae Grimes -- hit the beach in Los Angelesto to shoot new episodes of their CW show. McCord seemed to have a blast doing her best beach strut while putting on (and taking off) a wetsuit.

Click through to warm your soul with AnnaLynne's big beach adventure. Then, to further the Friday festivities, do be sure to check out 2010's Hottest Bikini Photos.



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  • gues

    Hot abs & body--and her outie is SEXY!

  • sym135


  • frankie

    hell anna been hot since nip tuck was on the air she is a good actress but a hot looking piece of ass, almost as her co star on tip tuck kelly carlson.

  • go annalynne!
    go annalynne!

    shut up. shes beautiful?

  • annalynne!

    wish i looked like her, shes amazing!! xx

  • mmmm


  • twelve

    i mean she looks like she's twelve

  • bob

    What is she, twelve?

  • SinDFetish

    For the love of Pete...feed this girl a few bacon double cheezburgers yo. Skinny is out. Plus and sexxxy is in. I say so.

  • steve


  • jeff

    Ay yiyi....What a cutie!!!!!!!!!

  • someone funny
    someone funny

    all hot girls are secretly lust driven vampires as we can see in the photo above.....stop looking at her boobs and look at her face AHHH!

  • Neha Madan
    Neha Madan

    ewww she has a nasty outie!

  • Max

    I am impressed. First belly button without a ring in it. AnnaLynne, you do look good. And you don't need a ring down there, nor a tattoo on the small of your back. Once you hit 28 you'll be glad you gave this all some thought.