Bieber Reveals 3D Movie Title: ‘Never Say Never’ (VIDEO)

It’s a big day for Beliebers, as Justin Bieber reveals the official movie poster for his 3D concert movie, bearing the title Never Say Never.

Baby Biebs revealed the title via Twitter at midnight, finally satisfying fans who had embarked on a 10-piece treasure hunt for puzzle pieces of the poster. Ever the creative one, Biebs and director Jon Chu showed off the poster with help from fans in this upbeat video set to – what else? – “Baby.”

Why is the Biebs movie – opening February 11, 2011 – titled Never Say Never?

“It’s from one of his songs, but also the idea of every moment in his life,” Chu tells USA Today. “When he was a kid, some people said, ‘You can’t play the drums,’ and he did. Or, ‘You can post it on the Internet, but no one will see it.’ Then millions of people saw it.”

As for Biebs the movie star, well, no one’s saying ‘never’ to that!

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