Gabourey Sidibe’s Accidental Weed Trip (VIDEO)

Gabourey Sidibe may by a successful Hollywood actress, but that doesn’t mean that she’s had much experience with the, uh, “Hollywood lifestyle.”

The charming Precious star went on Jimmy Kimmel Live to discuss a recent trip to Amsterdam. While many 27-year-olds who visit Amsterdam usually make a beeline for weed-selling coffee shops, Gabourey confesses that she doesn’t know much about drugs.

“I’m a nerd and I don’t smoke pot,” Gabourey told Jimmy Kimmel.

Gabby knows so little about pot that when she accidentally bought some “weed lollipops” at a gift shop, she started to freak out.

“I stick one in my mouth and I’m looking at the packaging and it says ‘weed lollipop,'” said Gabourey. “And I get scared–because again, I’m a nerd–and I’m like, ‘Oh crap, I just bought weed!'”

Watch the video below.

Eventually, Gabourey found out that the “weed lollipops” don’t actually contain any of the bad stuff that causes people to get high. “It wasn’t weed pops, it was weed-flavored pops,” Gabourey explains, “I’m hallucinating thinking I’m high and really I’m just stupid.”

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