Lindsay Lohan Is Taking Rehab 'Very Seriously'

Lindsay Lohan Is Taking Rehab 'Very Seriously'-photo

As it turns out, Lindsay Lohan is a model rehab patient—and not in the whole staged rehab photo-shoot way that she was reportedly planning on.

Contrary to scuttlebutt that LiLo—who's currently ensconced at the Betty Ford Center, where she's undergoing rehab treatment after failing a court-mandated drug test—had already staged a break-out, Gossip Cop reports that the Just My Luck actress is taking her regimen "very seriously," and even serving as a role model for other patients.

According to a source, Lohan has gotten into the habit of waking up every morning at 5:30 a.m. and hitting up the gym. After her workout, the troubled 24-year-old's daily regimen consists of group and individual therapy sessions, reinforced by Alcoholics Anonymous meetings at night.

Moreover, according to the source, LiLo has been quite "gracious" during her stint—which is scheduled to last at least until her October 22 probation-violation hearing—signing autographs and even paying for the travel fare and hotel room of a daughter of a fellow patient who couldn't afford to visit her mom. Says the source,

“She paid for it all."

Quite the feat of largesse, considering Lindsay's reported financial woes. Do you think Lindsay will be able to put her troubles behind her this time? Share your predictions in the comments section.



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  • Txchic

    I think Lindsay is very generous. With her family and anyone she care's about. Truth is right there, she's very giving. The problem is that she gives so much that she feel's like she's responsible financialy for anyone she's ever cared about. I wish someone would tell her no, I want to take care of you. She would be taken back by that. I think she would be floored.

  • Michael Prymula
    Michael Prymula

    Good for her! i really hope she gets better soon!