Peep Lea Michele Voicing ‘Dorothy of Oz’ (VIDEO)

There’s no place like Glee for Lea Michele, but that’s not stopping her from lending her robust voice to Dorothy of Oz, an animated update of the classic Wizard of Oz.

Lea is seen behind the microphone (with no Toto in sight) prepping for the Spring 2012 release in a new video from Entertainment Tonight, saying she grew up making her mother play Wizard of Oz “over and over again.” In case it wasn’t clear, Lea is giving life to the ruby red shoe-wearing Dorothy.

“There was just something so enchanting about Dorothy and Oz and so to now, at 24, be making an animated version of the movie is so cool,” Lea told ET.

Check out Lea in action here:

Former child actress Lea also notes that she is a seasoned voice-over artist, saying: “I have done voice over work since I was very young… I was the only 8-year-old that could talk incredibly fast and clear and do all the ‘batteries not included.'”

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