‘The Incredible Hulk’ Coming Back to TV

ABC has just made a smashing new addition to its future schedule.

Deadline Hollywood reports that the network—whose parent company, Disney, acquired Marvel Comics last year—is developing a live-action version of the Marvel character The Incredible Hulk for its primetime lineup. No word on potential stars or writers for the series, but the series is expected to hit the small screen next season.

This would be far from the first time that the Hulk—the huge, green, anger-powered alter ego of scientist Bruce Banner—has been rendered on film. He was portrayed (with a generous assist by CGI technology) by Eric Bana in the 2003 big-screen offering Hulk, and again in 2008 by Edward Norton in 2008’s The Incredible Hulk. The character will also be portrayed by Shutter Island actor Mark Ruffalo in the upcoming superhero epic The Avengers.

On television, CBS’ The Incredible Hulk ran from 1978 to 1982, with Bill Bixby in the role of Banner (rechristened David Banner for the series) and weightlifter Lou Ferrigno taking over when it was smashing time.  Check out the opening sequence for the original series below.

Are you excited to see the Hulk return to TV? And who do you think should star in the series? Let us know in the comments section.