Avril Lavigne's 'Maxim' Spread (PHOTOS)

There's nothing "Complicated" about the appeal of Avril Lavigne's latest magazine appearance.

Canadian "Sk8er Boi" rocker Lavigne pretties up the November 2010 issue of Maxim magazine, offering ample insight into her extra-musical talents. Feel free to hit up the photo gallery and educate yourself on Avril's many skills.

What do you think of Lavigne's Maxim spread? Share your thoughts in the comments section.



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  • trixia

    hello :) im trixia im a biggest fan of you

  • Nono

    How is it that a) she is still relevant, and b) that she STILL LOOKS 12 YEARS OLD? It's wrong, I tell you! Quoted for the TRUTH! And she is not the definition of 'Hot'...she is posing sexy, but she is not Hot in the face; without the fame, she is average, but above-average cause she has fame.

  • hearts

    I love how she totally abandoned her post-grunge sound to be more popular, but after her pop CD, she has become MORE irrelevant! I use to like Avril, but she is SUCH a sellout! Maybe her new music will go back to her rock roots,I sure hope so.

  • Me

    Avril is smoking Hot!

  • jrnkuran

    OMG! very hot. i love avril. YOU MAKE ME SO HOT!