Daniel Radcliffe Is Richer Than Royalty

Daniel Radcliffe Is Richer Than Royalty-photo

Even mere muggles know that the Harry Potter franchise has made Daniel Radcliffe a very wealthy wizard, but this just in: D-Rad has conjured up a fortune bigger than those of Princes William and Harry!

London's Daily Mail reports Radcliffe is worth $45 million, one million more than Britain's royal sons, who are worth about $44 million each.

How did the bespectacled boy wizard get so rich at just age 21? It's not only the fact that he inked a $43 million contract for the two-part Deathly Hallows finale films; apparently Daniel is a savvy businessman too, doubling his fortune in the last year alone. Citing financial records, the Mail reports Radcliffe has "current and fixed investments" valued at $30 million. $5 million in the bank and another $10 million due from debtors for his film work.

Daniel also owns three properties -- two in New York and a flat in London. Now that the news of his riches is out, Daniel will probably have to pick up the tab for a few cast dinners when he stars in Broadway's How to Succeed in Business Without Really Trying.

What should Daniel do with his fortune? Give him a few ideas in the comments.



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  • Guest

    He should do something for the good of society .. like give SOMETHING to SOME charity ... it's really disgusting to think how much good coul come of even a fraction of that much money. And what has he done to deserve it? Been a not-so-good child actor? He has very little acting ability, I can't even watch some scenes with him because I'm embarrassed for him ...

  • Stacy

    He should invest in it. That's what I would do. And this is coming from someone that is struggling with money issues. If I was that rich, I would pay off my school loans.

  • aunt Billy
    aunt Billy

    what is he going to do with all that money...OMG!