‘Eclipse’ Dominates Spike’s Scream Awards (PHOTOS)

What a scream! All of your favorite stars were out in Los Angeles over the weekend for Spike TV's Scream 2010 Awards.

Stars like Kristen Stewart, Nikki Reed, Blake Lively and Ian Somerhalder were all on hand to accept and hand out awards honoring the spookiest names in the biz. Naturally, Eclipse dominated the night, winning Best Fantasy Movie. Meanwhile, KStew nabbed Best Fantasy Actress and her beau Robert Pattinson won Best Fantasy Actor.

Check out more photos from the show and the star-studded red carpet and share your thoughts in the comments.



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  • dina

    As far as I know that ring is gift from Rob. And as we can see, Kristen really likes it :)

  • Urte MAciokaite
    Urte MAciokaite

    Love them (inlove)

  • sydsouth

    * Go FANS!! * go me!! =}

  • naturell

    Lawd! she is hawT! Rob is lucky :)

  • Vanessa

    Bad actress.

  • paula

    OMG amazing!!!! kristen looks soooo good in that drees!!!! and it was so cool for her to win the best actress award and for robert too.

  • Cristina Kozain
    Cristina Kozain

    Eu adoro o estilo da Kristen, ela é naturalmente bonita e atraente .... realmente obcecado!

  • Cristina Kozain
    Cristina Kozain

    I love the style of Kristen, she is naturally beautiful and attractive .... really obsessed!!

  • christi

    God ! He is soooo HOT !!!! TOTALLY AGREE!!!

  • Foxy

    She looks amazing.

  • Jade

    wooooooooooooo hooooottt

  • barbara02

    That's one of the sexiest vampire role of this new "vampire age". I think his character, Eric Northman, so sexy! Just like him! Lucky Kate Bosworth...

  • barbara02


  • barbara02

    they looks great!!! Agreed!

  • barbara02

    I just can't express myself of much ridiculous she is! And she says bad things about Lady Gaga, that she didn't work too hard to get on top, while M.I.A. (according to herself), did. Well, M.I.A., what's the point of work hard to try to get on top, what clearly didn't happen to you, if your "music" is garbage? At least Lady Gaga knows how to do great music...

  • barbara02

    Wow! She was gorgeous!

  • freshup16

    what a freakshow

  • freshup16

    she actually looks happy here, not uncomfortable...

  • shoking comment
    shoking comment

    I thought that was Perez Hilton.

  • Cinderella

    I've noticed that for few months she is wearing the sane ring on her finger. Isn't tah strange??

  • rachel

    she is beautiful...but why robert won?...WHY'''????????THE BEST ACTOR IS JOHNNY DEPP!!!

  • lona

    I love Kristen Stewart style!

  • tatts09

    well..hello lover...

  • congrats

    Congratulations Kristen and Rob for winning best actor and actress. That is awesome. Kristen- you look beautiful. I love your darker hair. It just really highlights your eyes.


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