Miley Cyrus Goes OFF on the Paps—Again! (VIDEO)

When it comes to taking the paparazzi to task, Miley Cyrus definitely can’t be tamed these days.

The Hannah Montana star, who last month upbraided the ever-present photogs after enjoying dinner with pal Demi Lovato, has once again gone into finger-wagging mode in her increasingly contentious relationship with the paps.

The most recent run-in occurred on Saturday, when Cyrus told a lensman who’d been trailing her to back off, after she concluded that he’d been driving recklessly in pursuit of her picture.

A sign that Cyrus’ fuse is growing shorter, or a mere continuance of her recent safe-driving campaign? Check out the video below and judge for yourself. You have to give her credit—no matter what your take on the confrontation, she handled the situation better than some of her showbiz cohorts.

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