Naturally Curly Celebrities (PHOTOS)

Whether its natural or fake, it seems like everyone in Hollywood wants to rock a curly mane.

To celebrate the amazingness of curly tendrils, our friends over at are giving away tons of different hair care products for curly hair, natch, so we put together a gallery of our fave curly celebs. From the Jonas Brothers to Jonah Hill, we’ve picked all the best curly-headed locks around.

Did we leave your fave out? Hit the comments and let us know who we missed!



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  • Elaine Wax
    Elaine Wax

    I adore him.

  • Selena Wilde Diamantopoulos
    Selena Wilde Diamantopoulos

    1 word. Beautiful.

  • indirmeden film izle
    indirmeden film izle

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  • patsycline

    but her face is. hahaha good one!

  • nickandmileymakemesmiey

    hot hot hot best curls in the world

  • Master

    but her face is.

  • Gina

    Her eyes stand out so much when she wears her hair dark. VERY pretty!

  • Gina

    SJP does have naturally curly hair...look for photos of her from 28 years ago when she was on 'Square Pegs' and in her early movies. While the look in this picture *was* created using a big curling iron after a blowout (which is how most celebs get their so-called curly hair), she IS naturally curly.

  • Gina

    I LOVE Keri with her natural curls. She doesn't wear it curly that much anymore, it seems.

  • Gina

    Shakira's hair is naturally very dark and very curly. She colors and straightens it much of the time. She also usually wears extensions, so her hair isn't as long as it looks. If you Google, you can probably find pictures of her from when she first got started in Colombia.

  • SelenaQuin

    OMG Miley is so beautiful!! I love her eyes and lips and smile and hair!

  • melis

    He's soo cute :))

  • wesley

    I'm pretty sure she used to straighten it, Mia, and her hair IS naturally curly.

  • barbara02

    Oh, Lord! She used to be beautiful...

  • Mel

    I think she has the best curly hair in the business. I wish my curls were like hers!

  • Sarah6367

    I love Taylor's hair! It's most definately a trade mark. She straightens it for one day and everybody goes nuts! LOL! That's so true.But she looks great and sounds no matter what her hair looks like!

  • Sarah6367

    I like her hair it fits her well! CAN'T WAIT TO GET SPEAK NOW!

  • Mia

    She's actually straight hair, she turned it curly when she went blond.

  • hearts

    I really love alicia's curls! Her hair looks really healthy, which is very important and makes the hair look more appealing.

  • hearts

    Love it.

  • hearts

    Once again, a curling iron! But I do think Miley's hair is a little wavy, from other picture I have seen.

  • Adam

    Selena Gomez has naturally curly hair. Why did you leave her out?

  • hearts

    Her hair is naturally VERY curly, but now she always straightens and smooths it out :/. She looks great with her brown hair and should never dye it blonde again!

  • hearts

    It's pretty obvious she used a big curling iron for this! So I wouldn't say she has curly hair.

  • hearts

    I love Shakira's hair! You can tell she just washes it and lets mother nature work it magic.


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