Penn Badgley: I'm "Not Friends" With Ed Westwick

Penn Badgley: I'm

He may star on a show that's all about gossip, but Penn Badgley isn't interested in the dirt about his co-stars and perennial on-and-off couple Ed Westwick and Jessica Szohr. That's because, as Penn explained to the New York Post, he and his real-life Gossip Girl girlfriend Blake Lively don't care much for Ed and Jessica.

"We're not friends," Penn told the Post at the Hennessy Artistry concert in New York. "I mean we just don't double date."

After learning that Ed and Jessica appear to have reunited after a relationship hiatus, Penn simply said: "Good for them."

So he doesn't refresh Gossip Girl for news on Ed and Jess - but Penn is a friend to co-star Chace Crawford and the ever-controversial Taylor Momsen, whom he has defended as a "really sweet girl" who's "just growing up."

Easy A star Penn also indicated that he's growing a little bored with the Upper East Side dramatics of GG, saying, "It is what it is. It's the fourth season. It's become routine."

Uh oh - will Penn be the first of the show's stars to permanently defect to the Big Screen?

Which Gossip Girl couple would you rather be friends with - Penn and Blake or Ed and Jessica? Sound off in the poll below.



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  • TOP

    lol, penn I don't care if you're not friends with Ed.. He's still hotter than you :P #justsayin'

  • LonelyBoyLover

    you guys are all dicks. Penn probably was asked if he is really close with Ed and he denied it. Then the press freaks out and decides to put him off as a bad guy. and why the fuck do you care if he is friends with Ed or not? if you hated him so much, then you wouldn't want him to be close to your precious little toadface Ed Westwick. And just because they work together, doesn't mean they should be forced to be friends with anyone.

  • Hope85

    Ditto on maria's comment. Penn and Blake almost always come off as annoyingly pretentious.

  • Maria

    penn is just as big a douche as dan. lol. what an ungrateful little turd. can't wait to see him fall on his face.

  • annabannana56


  • izzy

    ooh burn :S 90 vs 9%?


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