Taylor Swift’s ‘Mean’: Single Cover and Preview (VIDEO)

Country music sweetheart Taylor Swift probably doesn’t have a mean bone in her body—but she does have a “Mean” song on her upcoming album Speak Now (out on October 22), and we have a tantalizing glimpse into the tune.

The cover art for the single, which turned up on the Internet over the weekend, depicts the Fearless songbird as a damsel in distress who’s been tied to the railroad tracks by a mustachioed villain, in apparent homage to silent film-era cliches. And in case that doesn’t offer enough of a clue to the song’s subject matter, the 20-year-old singer recently divulged the motivation for the song, explaining that the tune is about “this one guy” from her past “who just crossed the line over and over again of just being mean, and just saying things that would ruin my day.”

Check out Swift explaining the meaning of “Mean,” along with a preview of the banjo-driven track, in the video below. Who do you think the big “Mean”-ie in Taylor’s past is? Offer your theories in the comments section.