Vanessa Hudgens Goes Surfing in Waikiki (PHOTOS)

Vanessa Hudgens was already spotted hanging out in Hawaii this past weekend, and now the brunette beauty is hanging ten in the Aloha State.

The High School Musical starlet was snapped surfing away in Waikiki during her Sunday rest and relaxation. Hudge, sporting a wetsuit top and bikini bottoms, looked to be having a blast if the big smile on her face is any indication.

Click to see the gallery of Hudgens' getting her surf on. Then, if her beachy jaunt isn't enough for you on this Monday, enjoy Celebuzz's Best Bikini Bods of 2010.



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  • carol

    yes me too..!!

  • carol

    hahaha.. you're jealous..! i can't believe how jealous is the people, you, like me know that she is awesome

  • Sofronia Sheehan
    Sofronia Sheehan

    vanessa can do anything.She is a true actress.

  • Sofronia Sheehan
    Sofronia Sheehan

    The news that you are going to do the XFACTOR with Zac is a big hit here in my community

  • hateHudgens 4ever
    hateHudgens 4ever


  • i don't have a life
    i don't have a life

    she sucks she can't do anything except geting naked-.-

  • mandy

    awww excited for journey 2 ^____^, she's sexy girl

  • MsalyssaO

    i love vanessa, she's really great.