Butchers Warn Lady Gaga Fans Not to Wear Meat for Halloween

Lady Gaga’s meat dress caused shock and awe when it debuted at the MTV VMAs this year, but lately the imaginative couture has inspired imitators to recreate it as a Halloween costume. NJ.com talked to two New Jersey butchers about how feasible and sanitary a homemade recreation would be, and their conclusion was unanimous: don’t do it. 

“If it’s fresh meat, you’re going to to get blood, juice all over anything you touch or sit on, so it’s not very hygienic,” the butcher explained. “Beyond the sanitary aspects, there’s the question of connective tissue. If you’re going to sew something like this together there’s a very good possibility that it’s going to split through the grain and fall apart.”

“There’s also the question — I don’t want to say hypothermia — but I mean there’s no insulating value at all. You try this on Halloween, if it’s a cold night, you’re going to freeze. You’re going to have wet substance against your bare body.”

When asked about the symbolic message behind Gaga wearing steak, one butcher said, “I sell bologna for a living. You’re asking the wrong person.” 

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