‘Glee’ Head Asked to Direct ‘Rocky Horror’ Remake

Looking forward to Glee’s Rocky Horror Picture Show episode? You may want to look a little further into the future, because Fox 2000 is courting Ryan Murphy, the creator of Glee, to direct a full-scale remake of the 1975 cult classic.

Murphy has met with Fox but not committed to the project, and Lou Adler, the original’s producer, is already on board to do it again. Deadline reports that a deal with Murphy could be clinched by October 26, when Glee’s tribute airs.

The original film has grossed upwards of $100 million over its 35 years in theaters, and accordingly, is considered the longest-running movie in history because of midnight shows that still occur to this day. Susan Sarandon, Tim Curry and Barry Bostwick all owe their careers to the success of Rocky Horror.

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