Kristen Stewart Offered a Stripper Job

It’s nice to know that Kristen Stewart has career options if the whole acting thing doesn’t work out for her.

The Twilight beauty reveals to MTV that, while filming her upcoming movie Welcome to the Rileys in New Orleans, she was offered an opportunity to take it all off for fun and profit while visiting a local strip club. Says Stewart, who plays underage stripper Mallory in the film,

“One shocking thing was to find how easy it is [to flaunt your sexuality]. Like, I went to a strip club with the director and the costume designer and it being an odd grouping of people going into a strip club in the middle of the afternoon, I was, like, straight-up offered a job.”

In the film, which goes into limited release on October 29, Stewart’s Mallory befriends traveling businessman Doug Riley (The SopranosJames Gandollfini), who takes her under his wing and tries to class her up. (Which is no easy feat, as evidenced by this salty-tongued clip from the movie.) 

Interestingly, Stewart will be heading back to New Orleans shortly, to film the two-part Twilight finale Breaking Dawn. Maybe she could drop by the strip club to see if the offer still stands—not that she really needs the extra cash these days, mind you.

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