Who Inspired Taylor Swift's New Album? (PHOTOS)

Fans have been worked up into a tizzy over the release of Taylor Swift's new album, Speak Now, which is laced with references to past relationships (both romantic and not) with a slew of famous fellas–and maybe a few women who stole Taylor's men.

Both Oh No They Didn't and New York magazine have been speculating about the famous names behind Taylor's autobiographical songs. Is Taylor still pining away for Taylor Lautner? Is she still bitter about her break-up with Joe Jonas? All will be revealed in Taylor's new album.

Who do you think is behind the songs? Check out our round-up of everyone's guesses and leave your thoughts (and theories) in the comments.



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  • Sunny

    Robert Pattinson! I love you so much! You are so HOT, sexy, handsome, awesome, sweet, cute and just PERFECT! I love you! :)))

  • agu

    u know in eclipes how bella kissed jacob i wish i was here then

  • Romantic Fool
    Romantic Fool

    Camilla Belle did go to Catholic private school. She does have a certain aura and could be perceived as aloof but she is not. She is very down to earth, sweet and a lot like Taylor. They both are involved with charity work and Catholic. They are both nice girls that do not party or get into trouble. They both are close to their family. They both are patriots. They both are very talented, beautiful and wonderful role models for young teen girls. Camilla has a spotless reputation and is not "known more for her work on the mattress" Rob did say that Camilla was a saint in GQ magazine. Jealousy can make people do extreme things and cause extreme emotions. Taylor crossed the line with the line in the song. Camilla is not guilty of anything other than going out casually with a cast mate that seemed single. Apologies are in order as there is no reason to slime Camilla. It makes Taylor look petty and mean. Camilla is what she seems..nice just like Rob, Joe, Taylor and Taylor Lautner are.It would be great if they all would hang out and play nice. If Joe had not gone out with Camilla, Taylor S. would not have been free to meet Taylor L. Fate and the path to love are often tied together.

  • Romantic Fool
    Romantic Fool

    The teen aged fans got it in their heads that Rob and Kristen were a real life couple despite their repeated denials. The Twi fans wanted it to be just like the books. Rob and Kristen started out as friends (he thought she had a boyfriend) and remained so. They were young and got into their characters. All the early set interviews showed a girl with a crush and a nice guy. Kristen was the first girl he did sexy scenes (the deleted scenes especially) and Rob got into it. Around the summer he started seeing more of Camilla as they have been friends for a long time as per both of them. Kristen had Michael yet she came on to Rob BIG TIME. Once he got to know her, he was no longer interested. Kristen was crushed and got into the wild life during the Runaways. She met Scout and Joan Jett's friends. Tom hangs with Rob because he has the time between projects and because Rob does not want the fans to think he is dating Kristen. Tom has been his friend since they were 12. He wants to share the whole experience with him and is why Rob, Tom and Sam took the trip cross country this summer. Rob has been slimed and lied about by the gossip sites and mags because they were trying to ruin him and cover for Summit's big problem...Kristen. She has been acting more like a girl as of late. I guess she realized how hostile and revolting she was coming off to the books' fan base that supported the movies. Rob Pattinson has been a loyal and good friend to the entire cast. They adore him. He has had his issues too but he is a good person and kind. The Robstens need to stop the nonsense about them and let Rob develop his career instead of being seen as Edward. He is a gifted natural actor and great talent.The sooner he gets down with this Twi craziness, the sooner he can start his real life..

  • Romantic Fool
    Romantic Fool

    this is trash. Who are you to call Kristen all these things? Just because she is shy and likes rock and roll music does Not make her "vulgar, mannish, and rough.." Before you assume that I'm lying or making nasty remarks with out cause, check your facts. You must not have seen or read her interviews. There are dozens of them where she speaks and behaves very unfeminine, vulgar and tough. She came out at Sundance by mistake during an interview and on Runaways dvd. She dresses like a hooker or a truck driver because of her orientation. She even announced it before New Moon release. Before every movie she has done or said something very damaging and even told the young fans at Eclipse premier that they should "healthy and fxxx everyone" and then corrected it to not caring what others think. Almost every interview has her behaving strangely or cursing. Watch her at Comic Con 2009. Watch her on the first interview on Twilight set. Watch her in Australia and in print interviews in Harpers, Nylon, Entertainment Weekly and others. She is a train wreck that has been paid to stay on the track until the movies are done.

  • Marcel

    this is trash. Who are you to call Kristen all these things? Just because she is shy and likes rock and roll music does Not make her "vulgar, mannish, and rough.."

  • Romantic Fool
    Romantic Fool

    John is a cradle robber if he came on to Taylor. Typical older guy sees a sweet young thing and wants to possess it. John is a pig for hurting such a nice girl who was trying to help play the song not be played.

  • Romantic Fool
    Romantic Fool

    The last kiss is about Joe or Taylor. Rob has never dated Taylor although I think seeing her with Taylor Lautner was helpful in making him wake up to the hard truth about Kristen. Taylor Swift and Camilla Belle are funny, talented, accomplished, charity minded, well connected, wealthy, smart, sweet and both have conducted themselves with class and sweetness. Kristen is very vulgar, tough, mannish, rough, wild, angry, self-centered, weak-willed, self-destructive and not the kind of girl you get tied to. Rob was impressed until he got to see the real Kristen not the fake that pretended to be sweet and a nice young girl. It was bad enough she threw herself at Rob when she had a boyfriend but to pretend to be something she is not is plain unforgivable. Kristen came out at Sundance. These two have bonded and are good friends. Rob is not with her as per Kristen's own words just recently. Rob is unusual and sweet. Kristen is over-rated. common, unprofessional, toxic, a horrible role model for the fans of the books and hard to like off screen.

  • Romantic Fool
    Romantic Fool

    It has been discussed in People with Taylor already. She regrets breaking off with Taylor and apologizes in "Back To December". She was mistreated and played by John Meyer and wrote Dear John for him..she wishes she had listened to others about what a player he was...hopefully he did not get far with her after she helped him write a song. Girls always go for the bad guys instead of the sweet and gentle ones. Having is not always as pleasing as wanting the naughty boys. The song Best Revenge uses the term saint in association with the girl that stole Joe from her and the phrase "she's an actress and best known for her work on the mattress". Camilla Belle has a spotless reputation and although Rob Pattinson said Camilla was a good friend and a saint, I don't think she is what Taylor is implying in the song Either she is talking about someone else or made a HUGE mistake by labeling Camilla with such a slur. I love Taylor but she crossed the line of lady like classy behavior with this song. Rob and Taylor Lautner are friends and it would be nice if their lady friends could be too. Taylor Swift better retract the implication that Camilla is loose...because it is not so. Joe was free and so they dated casually...Camilla is a nice girl like Taylor S. was until she wrote the Revenge song. Taylor should clarify that it was not about Camilla Belle or apologize for the inference.. Jealousy is no excuse to slime a nice girl's reputation. Camilla does not deserve it. As far as Taylor Lautner, he was the best thing that ever happened to her. Taylor finally meets someone with as much charm, manners, grace, money and decency as she has and she gets scared and pushes Taylor Lautner away. Hopefully, they will find each other again. Besides, if they got married, there would be two Taylor Lautners and this world needs more nice people like them.

  • idkguesswho

    hes so cute here

  • alexolenta

    Love this pic


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