Jwoww’s Clothing Line Gets Shut Down

JWoww’s clothing line, Filthy Couture has recently been shut down due to trademark issues. The line was launched in July of this year but after almost three months of production, the reality-TV star has been forced to take down her website and stop production.

A similarly named clothing line that has been around for longer reportedly threatened to sue the Jersey Shore castmate over the issue.

The allegations came as somewhat of a blessing in disguise, because JWoww has also supposedly been feeling the pressure of owning her own clothing line as well. A friend of JWoww’s commented on the topic,

“She couldn’t handle the clothing line and didn’t really have the help she needed.” 

As a consequence, JWoww has to return money to all the customers that purchased an article of clothing prior to this issue and there are no plans of re-launching the line under a different name. 

Thankfully, money doesn’t seem to be in short supply for J. Aside from her reality paychecks, she recently told Ryan Seacrest she turned down Playboy’s $400K offer to pose nude because “There is a better opportunity out there, which everybody will probably see soon.” Mysterious!

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